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To: The Minister for Agriculture, Charlie McConalogue TD

Save our hedgerows NOW, Minister McConalogue

Immediately scrap the regulation which currently allows landowners to destroy half a kilometre of native hedgerow without any environmental assessment.

Why is this important?

Hedgerows are our single most important landscape feature. They are vital for our wildlife (including most of our songbirds and pollinating insects), flood control, shelter, shade, beauty,
AND.... they store massive amounts of carbon. It makes NO SENSE to allow the destruction of up to 3000 kilometres of hedgerow every year.


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2023-02-22 07:21:04 +0000

1,000 signatures reached

2023-02-20 11:09:47 +0000

500 signatures reached

2023-02-20 10:25:50 +0000

Huge support at our demonstration last week

2023-02-20 10:22:20 +0000

The protest event outside Dail Eireann was attended by over 100 people from every possible walk of life: farmers, fishermen, beekeepers, hunters, game enthusiasts as well as environmentalists and nature lovers. Of note, many politicians showed a keen interest in our event and came out to meet us and hear our concerns. So the next step is to crank up the political pressure to change the regulations as an urgent priority. The Minister for Agriculture has the powers to do this now.

2023-02-18 21:15:23 +0000

100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

2023-02-17 19:34:31 +0000

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