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To: Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council

Save Miller Cake Studio

Do not take away permission of selling hot beverages (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) in Miller Cake Studio in Marlay Park

Why is this important?

Miller Cake Studio is a small family business which started as a home bakery 10 years ago. The Studio is now a very successful business in Marlay Park, Rathfarnham. We currently have 10 employees, something we are very proud of.
We sell freshly baked cakes along with tea and coffee. Our establishment is part of the Council's effort to make Marlay Park Courtyard a vibrant location. We have a very loyal customer base which we are incredibly grateful for. We have been operating in the Courtyard the past 3 years.
We have received support, permission and help from Council representatives to set up our business in the Park.
A manager's order to allow us to move our business to a bigger unit in the Courtyard where we can sell hot beverages and bake our cakes as well was given and signed off by the Senior Parks Superintendent personally. The superintendent has now decided to take this away and close us down.
The Council incorrectly granted exclusive right for selling hot beverages to another establishment in the park with complete disregard for our already established business. Now we are instructed to stop selling hot beverages immediately or the Council will terminate our contract and we will have to close with immediate effect.

We need your support to pressure the Council to find another solution to the problem that they caused themselves instead of ruining a well established business and having 10 people lose their jobs in the middle of a world wide pandemic.
DLR County Council does not care about the impact our closure may have on other businesses operating in the Courtyard.

Please sign our petition today and help us in this fight

Dublin, Ireland

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