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To: Tom Doone, An Bord Pleanala and Office of the Planning Regulator

Save Merchant’s Arch

Save Merchant’s Arch

Please don’t “develop” such an iconic part of Dublin that’s been in existence since 1821!
Merchant’s Arch area is beautiful, full of character and should be left alone. It’s part of the very essence of Dublin.

Why is this important?

We can’t have another part of historic Dublin succumb to “development”! Merchant’s Arch is there since 1821 and is part of Dublin’s culture, history and personality.

Dublin, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Dublin is a city defined by heritage and culture. In recent times, a housing crisis and the prioritising of hotels and tourism over those who live here has negatively impacted on our city. We want a city for visitors to enjoy but also one for Dubliners to live in. No more hotels.
  • Absolute insanity to even consider this. It's an iconic part of Dublin. We shouldn't even have to talk about this. Be great if our city planners had more civic self-respect than this.
  • We cannot allow an Bord Pleanála yo destroy our city now and discover the corruption scandal in a few years when we have lost our heritage.


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