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To: Limerick Council Planning Department

Save Carragower House, Clancy's Strand, Limerick City

Save Carragower House, Clancy's Strand, Limerick City

We believe the building is not yet beyond repair and we believe the proposed replacement is completely out of character with the area and unsympathetic to the heritage and visual amenity.

Why is this important?

Clancy's Strand, in the heart of Limerick City sits on the Southbank of the River Shannon. This pleasant tree lined street of 18th and 19th century houses, stand today as they did as far back as 1900.

Clancy's Strand is especially important to Limerick City as it sits directly opposite Limerick's prime water frontage of Merchant's Quay and Arthur's Quay. When we and our visitors stand at these locations and look across the Shannon, we are looking directly at Clancy's Strand and at the heart of this view is the Georgian townhouse, Carragower House.

Carragower House, built between 1780-1800 and probably the home of a local merchant, is a fine Georgian three storey, red brick townhouse. It's simplicity of design and lack of decoration exemplifies a purity in architecture produced during the 18th century.

A photograph c.1880 (National Library of Ireland) shows Carragower House standing handsome and proud in its prominent position overlooking the Shannon and towards Merchants Quay and the grand Customs House (now the Hunt Museum).

As many of us know, sadly, Carragower House has for the past twenty years sat unoccupied, has fallen into terrible disrepair and is now in a disastrous state.

The current owners wish to demolish Carragower House to make way for a block of 3 apartments designed in a modern 20th century style, a design which is totally out of character to its surroundings.

The council has granted this permission.

The news of the Council's decision appeared on the internet last Friday (15th March), It was met with a huge online outpouring of anger, shock and disappointment from Limerick people.

Caragower House is a unique property that is a piece of our city's historical jigsaw puzzle, a piece that the council planners should be protecting on our behalf.

If you feel strongly about Limerick's Heritage, if you feel strongly about the aesthetics of our city, please, please add your name to this petition.

Thank you.
Nick Boston
Local Resident

Limerick City

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Reasons for signing

  • By tearing down Carragower House the owners of this property are directly attacking the good nature of a Georgian townhouse. This simple merchant's abode was part of Limerick's Quay long before our time, and is a vestige of the City's built heritage. To destroy a modest building suchas this would be a huge insult to our ancestors, and would be a statement of pure ignorance by the highest powers of our past.
  • Will we ever learn. Once our history is destroyed it can never be replaced.
  • This is a beautiful building of historical significance and deserves to be saved rather than allowing it to be demolished for a new development which will not fit in with the area.


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