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To: Mr. Kevin Bakhurst, Director General of RTÉ

RTÉ: Report accurately and ethically on genocide

Report accurately on the genocide taking place in Gaza and the West Bank.

That means:

1. Not framing this as a 'war' between two belligerents, but as a one-sided genocidal assault on 2.3 million defenceless civilians in an occupied and besieged territory.

2. Report on the unprecedented targeting of journalists by Israel. More journalists have been killed in Gaza in just three months than in the entire 6 years of World War II.

3. Report from within Gaza in collaboration with brave journalists such as Al Jazeera's Waed Dahdouh

4. Report on the situation of Palestinian Irish families, many of whom have lost members in Gaza

5. Stop repeating Israeli government narratives, while failing to provide context on the occupation

6. Report on the many Israeli crimes against Palestinians in the West Bank

7. Report adequately on anti-genocide protests in Ireland

8. Platform Palestinian voices at least as much as Israeli ones

Why is this important?

Although Israel has tried to suppress and discredit information leaving Gaza, including by murdering over 100 journalists, thanks to the courage and determination of those men and women we can see the scale of brutality and destruction being wrought in Gaza through social media.

It is the duty of RTÉ as Ireland's national broadcaster to tell the truth about what is happening in Gaza. By suppressing information, by playing into Israeli narratives and ignoring credible reports of war crimes, RTÉ becomes complicit in the crimes being committed against the Palestinian people. The Irish people have a right to know about those crimes, not least because they are being funded and supported by countries with which we enjoy the closest of cultural and economic relations.

How it will be delivered

By hand to Mr. Bakhurst at RTÉ


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