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To: Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Minister Denis Naughten

RTE Media coverage of the 24 million facing famine in East Africa

I want media coverage on RTE of the 24 million facing famine, daily.

Why is this important?

In a world filled with excess food, 24 million people are on the brink of famine, including 1.4 million children at imminent risk of death. In the face of such grim numbers, a stark question confronts the world’s most powerful: Why in 2017 can’t they avert such a seemingly archaic and preventable catastrophe? And WHY is it not being reported by RTE, whose license I pay?

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'Neglected' Somalia
In 2011, more than a quarter of a million people died during a famine. The United Nations says that more than half died before the famine was even declared.
So the sense of urgency is not lost on those with the power to urge change.