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To: Sligo County Council

Safer Roads to St Angela's College

Please repair the road from the junction entering the Lough Gill Loop road Clogherevagh (L7428), to St. Angela's College entrance.

Why is this important?

This petition is concerning the main access road leading to St. Angela's College, Lough Gill Loop Road, Clogherevagh (L7428) Sligo. It is to highlight the dangerous bends, poor visibility, no road markings and the various structural defects of the road. With the large volume of traffic that use the Lough Gill Loop road, it is only a matter of time before there is an accident and someone is seriously injured.

Please fill in the Safer Roads to St Angela's University questionnaire by clicking on the link below. Thank you

St. Angela's College Lough Gill Sligo, Saint angela's Campus, Sligo, Ireland

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