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Restore Public Transport from Clonmel to Dublin

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Why is this important?

On 2nd April, 2017, while Bus Eireann drivers were on strike, Bus Eireann axed the X7 service from Clonmel to Dublin Airport. At that time both Bus Eireann and JJ Kavanagh & Sons were operating services from Clonmel to Dublin Airport. Since that time JJ Kavanagh & Sons have continued the service. However, since Covid-19 JJ Kavanagh & Sons suspended this service mid-March and left commuters in the Clonmel area without a bus service to Kilkenny and Dublin.
This highlights the results and consequences of privatiisation, where profit come first and foremost and people's needs are seen as irrelevant. This is why we need a proper publicly funded bus service from Clonmel to Dublin that will serve the needs of those living in Clonmel and it's environs.
Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

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