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Resort To Online Education

Resort To Online Education

To all the pupils in school all over Dublin. Please fight strong to prove our point, that for young pupils in school should resort to online education from homes due to COVID-19.
We all know as pupils from school ,that schools are not being treated with 100% sanitation as needed. This makes it difficult for students and teacher to fight the virus and to stop spread of COVID-19.
We all stand by here to first resort to online education during this period of lockdown (level 5).
For everyone who votes for this petition is one person that agrees to re program education to online.
Now days we all have technologies at home to catch up on social media’s.
We all know we can use our devices to smarter good for educational purposes.
Please help spread this point that we need to change our tactics and remove to online school to safe not just our life but everyone else’s.

Why is this important?

This is important to save life’s and make sure this COVID 19 stop spreading rapidly.

Dublin, Ireland

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