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To: Irish media/publications

Representation Matters - Ireland

We believe Irish media should make a more conscious effort to include more diversity on their covers. All our generation deserve to be represented, seen and heard

Why is this important?

Ireland is a diverse country with people of all races. Representation of this in the media matters. Representation of all cultures, shapes, shades and sizes of people in Ireland also matters. At the moment when looking at newsstands, we have noticed approximately 90% of Irish publications all have white models on their cover month after month. We don't feel that is an accurate or fair representation for or of Ireland. Imagine our children all growing up feeling represented, heard and seen; knowing that they too can be seen and heard and that all races and shades matter.

Myself (Yasmin O'Connor), Emma Murphy & Not Another Agency believe the time for a change on our magazine covers is now.

We have also received some feedback from people on 'Why representation matters to you?' here are some of the responses

"because all teens and children should have someone that represents them no matter their race, disability etc'' - Dervla

'because at the moment it is racist ableist nonsense that stops there being actual diversity'' - Maggie

''because right now Irish media is not in anyway reflective of the diversity in our society'' - Anne

''because I don't want my kid (white) growing up thinking their skin makes them superior to anyone'' - Sharon

'because perfection isn't the norm, beauty comes in all appearances'' - Jess

'because I stopped buying magazines about 8 years ago because of how they portray women' - Dora

''because we live in a multi-racial society but unless you are tall, blonde white and pretty you don't seem to matter - Emma

''because Ireland isn't all tall, thin, blondes and it is damaging to young girls to only see this all the time'' -Jesska

''because I never thought about it until was brought to my attention because I am a white woman and am always represented' - Siobhan

Not Another Agency who is a modelling agency in Ireland have come on board to help support this movement of change in Irish media. Dean Ryan McDaid who is one of the founders of Not Another Agency which started 4 years ago says We strongly feel that diversity in the modelling industry should not mean just filling a quota. The fashion industry of Ireland has a responsibility to show the diversity of our country right now. There is still a long way to go with this but we feel it has gotten much better since we started our agency. There was a huge lack of diversity, especially with race and size when we started and this really prompted us to start and try and break the mould. We are delighted to see the strides that have been made, but there are still many more to go!”



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Thank you so much to everyone for signing and sharing. We now have over 400 signatures!

We have been featured on here

And also a radio interview which you can find here about why I started the petition and how I hope this will help start a conversation and create change

Please keep sharing the petition and links above to create conversations so we can make a difference for our and the next generation.

Yasmin & Emma

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