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To: University Hospital Limerick management

Reopen the closed beds in University Hospital Limerick!

We are calling on University Hospital Limerick to reverse the closure of a 17-bed ward and increase bed capacity in Ireland’s most overcrowded hospital.

Why is this important?

University Hospital Limerick is overcrowded and understaffed. This is bad for patients, nurses, and all hospital staff.

Limerick needs more hospital beds, not fewer. That is why we are calling on management to re-open a much-needed 17-bed ward, closed in the last week in March. Closing beds will only worsen Limerick’s overcrowding crisis.

Limerick’s overcrowding is the highest in the country. We regularly see over 60 patients a day forced to wait without a proper bed. It simply does not make sense to close further beds when faced with such a problem.

We’re standing united and strong for a safer hospital and service. Stand with us.

- Petition started by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation.

Limerick, Ireland

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