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To: British Parliament, British Prime Minister, The DUP

Rename London to Derrylondon

Formally rename the city of London to Derrylondon

Why is this important?

In order to due homage to the heritage of the Celtic Isles, and to acknowledge the immense history of Irish people who were (albeit due to forced migration and British invasion) a part of constructing infrastructure in England, we petition that the city of London be formally renamed to Derrylondon.

Chun ómós a thabhairt d’oireacht na nOilleáin Ceilteacha, agus chun stair na nÉireanach a rinneadh (fiú más de bharr imirce brúite orthu ag fórsaí Sasana a rinneadh) chuid mhór de thóigeáil infreastruchtúr Sasana, éilímid do dtugfar an t-ainm “Doirelondain” ar chathair Londain.

London, UK

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