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To: Senior Dean and the College Board

Rename Berkeley Library to Wilde Library

We want Trinity College Dublin to rename the Berkeley Library to the Wilde Library after the author Oscar Wilde.

Why is this important?

We believe that the college ought to remove George Berkeley's name from the library as he was a supporter of both slavery and settler colonialism; and that Oscar Wilde ought to be given a more prominent role in the college due to his contributions to Trinity life, literature, and the history of LGBTQIA+ people. Berkeley was a slave owner, and he used the funds from his plantations to make profit for himself and organisations like Yale University. He wrote about his beliefs that slavery was an efficient way to Christianize Black people and that Indigenous Americans should be transported by force to missionary colleges in Bermuda. Oscar Wilde participated in many Trinity institutions like the Phil and the Foundation Scholarship while also contributing to the legacy of Dublin's relationship with Gothic literature and socially conscious theatre. He also advocated for social causes such as prison reform, gender equality, and, most famously, sexual freedom. Since Wilde deserves more formal recognition in the college (as it recognizes Beckett, Synge, and Swift) and Berkeley's name should not be given the respect it currently receives, changing the name of the library to the Wilde Library would significantly improve our campus and demonstrate Trinity's efforts towards making the college truly inclusive.
College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

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