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Release WhiteRock Parking spaces

Release WhiteRock Parking spaces

In June, bollards were put in place on the Vico Road at the White Rock access point, removing all parking spaces.
We want our parking spaces back

Why is this important?

. Regular visitors and the WhiteRock swimming community, which spans all ages, have all been affected. Those - who can - scramble down to the beach from Killiney Hill car park in all weather conditions. Others, who can, get a lift down to the Vico road. Quite a few older or disabled regulars who came regularly to gaze at the sea view have not been seen since the parking facility was removed in March. Most other parking facilities along this side of the bay have been fully operational throughout the COVID-19 restrictions. The cold season is now upon us and it is going to get more difficult for many of us. Please give us back our parking spaces.

Scalpwilliam, Killiney, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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