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To: Board of Management, Gorey Community School

Reinstate Bunscoil Loreto as priority feeder school to Gorey Community School

This campaign has ended.

Reinstate Bunscoil Loreto as the number one feeder school in Gorey Community School's enrolment policy

Why is this important?

Recent changes to Gorey Community School (GCS) enrolment policy mean that from 2019 we are no longer prioritised for places in GCS.
Children who don't have siblings attending or who previously attended GCS or who aren't children of GCS staff will be entered in an open lottery consisting of Bunscoil Loreto and 15 other primary schools.
Parents of children currently attending Bunscoil Loreto hold the legitimate expectation that Bunscoil Loreto would remain a priority feeder school to GCS.
The majority of parents based their choice of primary school solely on this fact and removal of this priority places these children at a disadvantage.
The schools have strong links and are located adjacent to each other.

Gorey, County Wexford, Ireland

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