To: PSA (The Private Security Authority); Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe

Recognising the Irish Security Sector

Recognise all workers in the Private Security sector who have went vastly ignored and unappreciated throughout the pandemic.

Why is this important?

While thousands in the public sector continue to rightfully stage protests and demand fair treatment, compensation for their collective efforts and hard work throughout the pandemic, and much deserved recognition, thousands in the private Security (Static Security Officers, Patrol Drivers, Camera Operators, Retail Officers, Door Guards) remain vastly under- appreciated and unrecognised.

At the height of the pandemic employers were quick to send out official letters explaining how all of their security officers and employees were in fact essential front line staff. Yet aside from making sure workers reported for duty unimpeded by government sanctioned lock downs, security officers have not been allotted the respect and treatment befitting of a front line worker, despite having continued to work uninterrupted through the Covid pandemic.

Those of us in the security sector have not had a raise in nearly three years. We continue to work erratic hours, long shifts, and for low wages. Dealing directly with the public, guarding businesses, protecting staff, enduring abuse and lawlessness, monitoring premises and patrolling properties, ceasingly since March (2020). Just as health care workers, Garda, and retail workers have diligently worked.

The difference being, whereas other sectors have been lauded with praise and talks of bonuses, there is absolutely no mention of security staff.

In the spirit of fairness, equality and gratitude, we would like to be officially recognised for our efforts and contributions in one of the most diverse and inclusive sectors in the country.


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