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To: The Irish Government

Real Rent Controls Now!

We are calling on the government to introduce real rent controls to combat soaring rents in Ireland. Rent controls should initially reduce rents to 2011 levels and, subsequently, rent increases should be linked to the Consumer Price Index. This process should be overseen by a new Rental Board according to transparent criteria.

Why is this important?

Is most of your income going on rent? Is it a struggle to have any money left over for a social life, a holiday in this lifetime, or to save anything after you've made rent?

There is now a whole generation of people for whom security, having a home of their own or starting a family is starting to seem more and more like a pipe dream.

Landlords have been taking advantage of the housing crisis to push up rent, with the average one bedroom apartment now at a shocking €1,459 per month in Dublin; €926 in Cork City; €848 in Galway City; €791 in Limerick City and €663 in Waterford City.

This is appalling and must be stopped.

Introduce real rent controls now!


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