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To: Eamon Ryan, TD for Dublin Bay South and Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport

Provide a Public Transport Service for Knocknacarra, Galway

Immediately provide a public transport service for the established routes of 410 (Cappagh Road - Eyre Square via Salthill), 411 (Cappagh Road - Eyre Square via Westside), 412 (Cappagh Road - Eyre Square via Gateway retail Park, 414 (Barna - Eyre Square via Lombard Street)

Why is this important?

Approximately 30,000 residents between Knocknacarra, Barna and Salthill are suffering from the fact that there is no public transport service in operation, all routes have been suspended since the 23rd of March. It is imperative that the situation is fixed immediately before schools, colleges and even more business open back up, to prevent vast sections in the West of Galway City having no available means to commute. We implore the Minister to act now to ease the extreme difficulties this has caused the affected residents of Galway city.

Galway, Ireland

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2020-08-18 09:22:00 +0100

Yesterday, I sent an email to the Minister to draw his attention to the petition and also make a direct ask of him to intervene in the ongoing situation and take steps to resume bus services.

2020-08-14 11:33:46 +0100

500 signatures reached

2020-08-13 11:26:52 +0100

The petition was featured in this week's edition of the Galway Advertiser on page 6. Big thanks to Matt Cassidy for approaching me to cover this issue, link to the e-version of the paper below!

2020-08-11 11:52:13 +0100

Was given the opportunity to speak about the petition this morning on local Galway Radio!

2020-08-10 16:39:45 +0100

100 signatures reached

2020-08-10 12:25:55 +0100

50 signatures reached

2020-08-10 11:37:21 +0100

25 signatures reached

2020-08-10 09:53:35 +0100

10 signatures reached