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To: An Taoiseach and Government (Ireland)

Protect the homeless in Ireland and in the Calais Jungle

Act on behalf of the Irish people and provide support immediately, and at the same time, for homeless families in Ireland as well as homeless families of refugees in the "Jungle Camp" at Calais. Both situations are inhuman and debasing. It is a disgrace to ignore them. The country has enough resources available so please desist from using "an Béal Bocht". Humanity should know no barriers at a time like this.

Why is this important?

I have just read a report detailing the appalling and disgusting conditions under which homeless families in Ireland have to live. Yesterday I read about the conditions in the temporary refugee camp at Calais in France, which is run under the auspices of the French and UK governments and the EU. The conditions for the homeless in Calais and the homeless in Ireland are horrifyingly similar.

Yet the Irish Government is pleading that it has no funds available to intervene and is sticking rigidly to its market economy addiction. This is not good enough when our Government is willing to throw money at bankers and developers and any johnny-come-lately who has robbed the people and contributed to the enforcement of the austerity regime.

The Government's inept handling of our housing crisis is a contributory factor to the increase in anti-refugee sentiment in the country. This is cowardly behaviour on the part of those who claim to lead Ireland and who boast about what they claim to have done for Ireland.

Front up for the sake of the unfortunate people who are suffering and set an example in 2016.
This is a national and global campaign drawing attention specifically to treatment of homeless people in Ireland and France

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