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To: Mayo County Councillors

Protect Keem Bay

We want campfires banned in Keem and wardens employed to pick up rubbish off the beach.

Why is this important?

Keem bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world but despite that there is no plan for sustainable tourism.
This is putting Keem at risk. There should be no campfires allowed as they are destroying the land and risking a large fire taking off in the area. Also, there should be staff employed to enforce this and clean up the beach after every day. Yes, it would be perfect if people cleared away their own rubbish but that doesn’t happen so the council needs to come up with a plan. Keem brings in thousands of tourists to Mayo every year and yet there is no effort to protect it from the impact of that many people lighting fires and leaving rubbish.
Achill Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland

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