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To: Dublin Regional Homeless Executive and the Pope

Pope Francis, don't let homeless families get kicked out of their accomodation

Don't make families move out of Dublin because they can't afford the cost of hotel rooms during the Pope's visit.

Why is this important?

People who are homeless deserve better. If families who have been made homeless are forced out of their emergency accommodation in hotels during the Pope's visit - then many of them will end up in Garda Stations, with nowhere to go.

Dublin, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • If Pope Francis knew that homeless families were to be thrown on the street because of his visit, he would be very upset. I am hoping DCC can see this and not embarrass themselves by having the Pope point this out to them before his visit.
  • It sums up the attitude of Fine Gael to hide and ignore homelessness as it is not their priority. Christianity is about being compassionate to others, especially those such as homeless, and as the leader of one of the denominations of Christianity is visiting, Fine Gael when they welcome him should consider compassion to homeless
  • Why should people be inconvenienced for the leader of a religion?


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