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To: Students

Pledge to vote against this government #CostOfCollege

Pledge to vote against this government and TDs who do not take action on the #CostOfCollege.

Why is this important?

Following the USI walkout, where tens of thousands walked out of lectures, the government have continued to ignore the crisis facing students.

We urgently need TDs to commit to the demands Cost of College campaign and use their positions of power to advocate for a radical overhaul of our higher education system.

This change won't happen unless a major shift in the decisions made by government happen.

We have had almost two and a half years of students in crisis, and the government have only committed to once off measures. The action that students need to see will not come from this government, so we’re pledging to vote them out.

When signing this petition, you are showing your local TD that you will be voting for change.

By signing up for emails, you will be keeping up with USI Campaign updates and futures actions we are planning.

Change starts with you, so pledge to vote for change.



2022-11-15 10:18:59 +0000

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