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To: Norma Foley.TD. Minister for Education

Petition For Ballyfermot Schools Amalgamation : Our KIDS Deserve Better


We the undersigned, are extremely concerned about the proposed conditions for the amalgamation of three secondary schools in Ballyfermot, namely St. John's College, Caritas College and St Dominic’s College.

While we welcome the approval of the amalgamation and the development of a new school to provide ‘State of the Art’ resources, facilities and a broad curriculum to establish a professional learning community to fulfil the educational needs and aspirations for the young people of Ballyfermot. We wish to emphasise to the Minister that we do not approve of this development going ahead at the moment, without the inclusion of a Canteen, PE Hall/Gym, Parents Facilities, Counselling/Family Therapy services, SCP/HSCL facilities, Staff facilities/Car parking.

The young people of Ballyfermot deserve the best that can be provided. To progress a new developing educational facility that excludes the most fundamental requirements of the care of body as well as mind, is irresponsible. Ballyfermot has one of the country's lowest percentages of progression to third level for second level students. Promises have been made to the community of a "State of the Art" educational complex for our young people. To fulfil the educational needs and aspirations of our youth requires the opportunity for all our young people to be fully trained and equipped to care for their minds and bodies also. A new school needs facilities for proper care, diet and exercise.

We object in the strongest possible terms to the exclusion of a PE Hall, Canteen and on site care facilities for staff, students and parents from the proposed new facilities at the site for the new school at St. John's College on Le Fanu Road. Unfortunately, the Minister for Education is proposing that such facilities may be provided at some stage in the future but there are no guarantees given and it does not make sense to progress a new secondary school without these fundamental and crucial facilities.

We believe the young people of Ballyfermot not only deserve better but they deserve the best. Dublin 10 is an area of socio-economic deprivation and building a new school without caring for the physical and mental health and well-being of the students only serves to cement the disadvantage that our children face on a daily basis. WE want to ensure that a DEIS school with a 21st Century curricula and facilities which would encourage our young people to engage and have a positive experience in a DEIS School and equip them with the skills for a rapidly changing employment landscape. Unfortunately, it seems that these plans are not being realised??

We are calling on the Minister to reverse the decision to exclude these much-needed facilities ie Sports facilities, Canteen, Parents Facilities, Counselling/Family Therapy services, School Completion/Home School Community Liaison spaces, Staff facilities/Car parking


Why is this important?

Our Kids Deserve Better : We must Ensure the Proper Facilities are there for our Kids And Staff. : Canteen : Gym : Sports Facilities : Proper Facilities for Staff and Parents : Car Parking : Etc . . . !

Le Fanu Rd, Dublin 10, Ireland

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