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To: South Dublin County Council

Our Kids Deserve Better

St Kevins Killians GAA urgently need help and support from South Dublin County Council.  Every week, hundreds of children from the Kilnamanagh, Kingswood, Tymon communities and beyond, boys and girls from age 4 up to 14 gather to enjoy our National Games in a fun and inclusive environment in Kilnamanagh.  The club, through the hard work and determination of a number of local enthusiastic volunteers, has grown significantly over the last 5 years. It was confirmed as the fastest growing GAA club in Dublin for 2018, a trend that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

While this is a great success for the club and local community, there is also a sad side to this story.  The club has no basic facilities such as toilets, running water, changing rooms or electricity despite years of discussions and correspondence with South Dublin County Council.  Young boys and girls as young as 4 are asked to use the bushes when they need to go the toilet and have no water to wash their hands. Teenage boys and girls are asked to change on the side of a pitch.

To think that in 21st Century Ireland we expect our children to engage in these demeaning and humiliating conditions is not acceptable.

Please help and support St Kevins Killians in our pursuit of these basic facilities with South Dublin County Council, Local Councillors and Politicians.

Why is this important?

Provide the children of our community with basic facilities to help keep them involved in sports

St Kevin's Killian's GAA Club, Treepark Road, Kilnamanagh, Dublin, Ireland

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