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To: Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy plus TD, and Councillors

O'Devaney Gardens, Land, Say No To Crumbs

We want Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy, and our local City Councilors at the November 1st meeting To start addressing the homeless situations by seeking a better deal from the private developers Bartra Capital Property. Say No To Crumbs

Why is this important?

Ireland needs homes for the many thousands of homeless families and children ASAP, However we need an action plan implemented immediately. This government and its policy makers need State land to build homes. As a State, we need to be turning to the Europe bank for a lone to build state homes for our people. If we give away our State land to private developers, we are literally telling the many thousands of homeless families and children in Ireland that we do not care. We must call on all TD, and Councillors to seek change to the homeless crises and the best place to start is with the O’Devaney Gardens lands and seek a significantly higher amount of social housing for this bad deal with Bartra Capital Development, or take the deal of the table.

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