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To: Dairygold and Tine

No Fat Oil and Grease in Cork upper Harbour

No Fat Oil and Grease in Cork upper Harbour

Please leave submission to the EPA (link on
Urge Dairygold and Norwegian company Tine to rethink their plan to release 4 million litres of Fat Oil and Grease (FOG)per day into the upper harbour at Rathcoursey.

Why is this important?

The impact of the daily load of 4million litres of fat oil and grease solution on the harbour it’s nature reserves and it’s ecosystem has not been adequately investigated or modelled. The pipe line is simply the shortest route to the sea from the factory. There are other options such as putting the discharge point way out to sea using the Ballycotton gas pipeline. The cheapest solution is rarely the best solution.

Midleton, County Cork, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • We (humans) are systematically destroying the planet. We need to be stopped.
  • It will be a slippery slope
  • Swimmers, Kayakers, Windsurfers use this all the time. It's wrong.


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