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To: Government

No culling of protected Grey Seals in Dingle or Ireland

To completely ban any culling of the Protected Grey Seal in Ireland

Why is this important?

I am Deputy Leader for Party For Animal Welfare, Irelands newest Political Party. The protected Grey Seal is being blamed by fishermen and certain politicans for a loss in profits on Fish catches.
Recently there have been calls for a cull in Ballina in Mayo and Dingle in Kerry.
In Dingle, the Healy Raes support the fishermens call for a cull.
It is not the Seals fault. Seals eat Fish. Our Seas are being overfished. Spanish supertrawlers are doing big damage including the world's second largest trawler which regularly catches on Irish Water and can catch 250 tonne of Fish daily.
A Grey Seal eats 15 pound of Fish a day.
There are also environmental changes to our Seas. Plastic and pollution.
People are eating less Fish as more and more people are choosing plant based diets.
Politicans like the Healy Raes think they can get away with just about anything to win a vote. And their solution to alot of situations is to kill, kill,kill. The same with culling Deer in Killarney National Park.
The fishermen say that if they don't get a cull in Dingle, they will take matters into their own hands.
In 2004 at least 60 Grey Seals were slaughtered on the Blaskets in an unauthorised cull. Nobody was ever charged.
A cull now in Dingle will have major implications on the tourist industry. News of thus bloodshed will travel worldwide and this bad publicity will stop many from visiting.
It is time all Animal lovers stand up to these politicians and fishermen.

Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland

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