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To: Cork City Council

Name the new bridge over the N40 Vernon Mount Bridge in honour of Vernon Mount House

Vernon Mount deserves to be recognised and honoured after years of neglect. The bridge will run directly adjacent to the house and it's a fitting tribute to this iconic landmark.

Why is this important?

Vernon Mount is one of the finest examples of neo classical Georgian architecture not only in Ireland but worldwide and it's part of the rich history of Douglas. It was named after George Washington's house Mount Vernon in Virginia and it's steeped in history. It was burned down by vandals in 2016 but yet it still stands. Recent generations have fond memories of spending time there and it's simply a part of Douglas. It can be seen from the Tramore Valley park and as people walk over the bridge they'll see the ruins which are still beautiful in their unique curvature. The house finally needs to be given the recognition it has so long deserved.
Douglas, Cork, Ireland

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