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Naas Community College Parents Call For Action

Provide promised prefabs in time for school term starting August 2019

Why is this important?

As construction has yet to begin on the new school building in Millennium Park, the current campus in Craddockstown is running at full capacity, with an estimated 120 incoming 1st year students starting in August 2019 the question is where are the students going to be housed with a student population of 388 currently.
Last year we were promised 6 prefabs would be in place for August 2018, they were not onsite and fit for purpose until January 2019. We are now facing the very same situation.
We have had enough, its not good enough for our Children to be let down yet again, we have put our trust in the process repeatedly, it is not delivering.
We are taking a stand for our Children's right to an education in a place that is not cramped and overcrowded, that they have space and freedom to move freely between classes and break times,a place there is no negative impact on students mental health and well-being.
This is a Community Issue, we all need to stand together.

Naas, County Kildare, Ireland

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