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To: To stop new legislation from Fine Gael Minister, Kate O'Connell

Cancer Patients - Freedom of Choice

To allow cancer patients the freedom too choose what treatment is beneficial for them as Fine Gael Minister, Kate O'Connell is trying to close down “alternative medical centres” for people with serious ailments and life threatening diseases. Her reasoning behind this is that she thinks medical practitioners are profiting from vulnerable patients.

Why is this important?

Cancer patients are human beings and have rights to make educated choices and choose what is right for them. No cancer patient will tell you that these practitioners cured their cancer nor did any practitioner claim such a thing. What they will tell you is that these amazing practitioners help eradicate the toxic side effects brought on by chemotherapy. It aids sleep, it reduces fatigue, it strengthens the immune system and provides them with a better quality of life. Kate O’Connell and David Grimes in their personal judgement wants to take this away from us. Some cancer patients have not been offered the option of chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. Alternative treatments can be our only life line.



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