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To: ESB, TD - Eoin Obroin

Move ESB cables in St Helens, Adamstown

Residents of St. Helens, Adamstown, Lucan, Co Dublin are calling on ESB to prioritize the removal of overhead cabling, and to supply underground cabling to the housing site with immediate effect.

Why is this important?

The significant delay in ESB servicing the St Helen’s site is causing unforeseen and lengthy delays in the construction of these new homes, pushing some completion dates from Jan/Feb to at least July 2018. At a time when housing is in such significant demand, and the Irish Government are providing incentives to both construction companies & purchasers to invest in New Builds, it is simply outrageous that semi-state bodies such as ESB are delaying the completion of badly needed housing.

We are asking local Counsellors and TD’s, Castlethorn Construction, and residents of Lucan to stand behind the purchasers of St Helen’s, Adamstown and demand that ESB provide timely and adequate services to site.

How it will be delivered

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Adamstown, Lucan, County Dublin, Ireland

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