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To: Mayor of Limerick, Michael Sheehan

Mayor Michael Sheahan Stand Up For Limerick!

Mayor Michael Sheahan Stand Up For Limerick!

Following Clare County Council's decision to object to the granting of the EPA license to Irish Cement, Mayor of Clare, Cllr. Cathal Crowe called on the elected members of Limerick City & County Council to trigger Section 44 of the Planning & Development Act to stop Irish Cement’s plans to burn “alternative fuels”, including waste tyres, at their Castlemungret plant.

Limerick Metropolitan Council has already voted to object, but only the Mayor Michael Sheahan can call a full council meeting.
Tell him to act now to preserve the health, livelihoods and reputation of Limerick City.

Why is this important?

Irish Cement proposes to burn 63 types of waste in their makeshift incinerator (a troubled and aging cement kiln). This includes whole tyres, plastics, solvents, red mud from Alumina production, animal waste, and a whole lot more up to 90,000 tonnes per annum.
The entire city, as well as many villages, towns and farmland where much of our food is grown is downwind of this site. The plume will be dropping its fallout over a 30km radius from the chimney stack.
Due to Irish Cement's record of blowouts, and their attempts to deny responsibility, the public has lost all confidence in their ability to run a safe operation.

Limerick, Ireland

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