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To: South Dublin City Council and Dublin City Council

Make the KCR a safe pedestrian crossing

We want a traffic system to enable safe crossing at the corner of Fortfield Road and Terenure Road West.

Why is this important?

We have serious concerns about the safety of this junction as there is no traffic light system to enable safe crossing for pedestrians to the shopping facilities situated at the KCR. This junction is currently prioritizing only cars. Our community crosses the junction without the aid of a traffic light, which is unsafe and the act of crossing it everyday is nerve-wracking and unpleasant - particularly when young children are present. We have witnessed too many accidents, the latest involving a school child, this is a safety emergency that can no longer be ignored. The traffic light system operating on the other side of the junction is not safe for users with disabilities or for the elderly.

Kimmage Rd W, Kimmage, Terenure, Dublin 12, D12 WD27, Ireland

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