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To: Louth County Council

Make Louth County Council call for Israeli Ambassador expulsion

The people of Louth demand that Louth County Council call for an expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland, Dana Erlich. The ambassador has recently defended the genocide and has spread disinformation against President Michael D Higgins.

Israel, over the last 70 years has occupied Palestine. What is happening in the region is nothing short of genocide. The people of Louth do not stand with Israel and we wish for it to be known. The Derry - Strabane council has already passed a similar motion, it’s time for Louth to do the same.

We call on Louth County Council to
- Call for the Israeli ambassador’ expulsion
- Call for the Irish government to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel

Why is this important?

To stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine

How it will be delivered

We plan to present the petition in person to the Louth County Council Offices.

Co. Louth, Ireland

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