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To: Longford County Council

Longford Greyhound Stadium

Wider engagement with the people of Longford regarding the potential use of the site at Longford Greyhound Stadium.

Why is this important?

Longford Greyhound Stadium is a 7.1 acre site situated in a prime location close to the town centre of Longford currently zoned as a Sporting & Recreational area. Any change to its status to allow for developments such as housing or retail would need to be agreed by the local authority.
Longford County Council need to engage with the wider community regarding the potential use of this site. We are calling on the executive to open a public consultation with local residents regarding the long-term vision for this area.
This development will have a huge impact on our town - our opinions and concerns matter! #OurTownOurFuture

Longford, Ireland

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