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To: Minister Simon Harris

LGBT Parenting Rights

LGBT Parenting Rights

Minister Harris and his government have just delayed commencement of the Children and Families Relationship Act signed into law in 2015 and have delayed it countless times.

No more delays. Commence this in 2019 as promised

Why is this important?

Children in LGBT families are currently in limbo. Those being raised by two parents only have a legal relationship with one. They are a legal stranger to the other.

They are denied all the protections afforded by the protection of their relationship with their non-biological parent.

I am one of those parents. I cannot consent to medical treatment for my little son Finn. I cannot pick him up from crèche or school without the consent of my wife. If anything happens my wife, my child is taken into care as I am a legal stranger to him.

This is discrimination. Minister Harris and his colleagues show up to pride for the positive PR while they put the families this event represents to the bottom of the pile.

Protect our families now. No more delays!

Great to have some media outlets highlighting the issue our families face.
East Coast FM

Radio One - Morning Ireland


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Reasons for signing

  • Parents and Children are being denied a legally recognised relationship because of bureaucracy. Children need the protection of the parents that raise them. These families simply cannot wait until someone decides it’s time to act , they need action now, we cannot leave these families in legal limbo.
  • This discrimination needs to end.
  • Why wouldn't I? These people deserve the same rights that I do.


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