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To: Government


Solidarity for Ordinary Working Musicians

Why is this important?


Who are we?

We are the people who make your special days memorable.
We are the piano player in the corner, the band in your local bar and the singer who brought solemn grace to your loved one’s funeral.
We are the band who will forever feature in your wedding day memories, and the two piece act that learned and played those special songs for your parent’s wedding anniversary.
We are the people who entertain you on New Year’s Eve in the bar down the road and the trad players lauded by Bord Fáilte to woo tourists.

And we are sinking.

We are not the ticketed events industry- we are Ordinary Working Musicians.
We ask you the public for your solidarity to highlight our plight. It is estimated that more than 850,000 performances were lost in 2020. Please show us your support by signing our petition or by joining one of our nationwide protests on June 23rd.
We need our government to allow us to work and to support us until the time comes when we can earn our living again and to include musicians over 66 years who paid their taxes prior to the pandemic. We need subsidies for licenced premises so that they can afford to employ us.
Collectively we make up the largest part of the entertainment sector, yet we are persistently overlooked.

We’re tired of talking. We want to sing.


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