To: Minister for health , Government building, Dublin

Let’s get the practice of Tattoos regulated nationally

Let’s get the practice of Tattoos regulated nationally

Did you know in Ireland , the tattoo industry is unregulated ?
Yes, tattoo artists, cosmetic tattoo practitioners, microblading etc .
These practitioners instruments all reach under your skin- and are in contact with your blood?

Why is this important?

In Ireland , all of the basic or advanced trainings, Cross contamination, Blood borne pathogens , Sterility, Infection control bearly gets an hour of teaching with no exam at the end.

Through lack of knowledge Hepatitis A, B or C, or HIV can be contracted if the practitioner has not followed a minimum training/teaching with exams plus annual tests to ensure practices do not slip.

To date, no such regulation is in place, leaving the general public exposed to a viral/bacterial infection unwittingly along with their treatment.

What makes this right?

Olive, a Registered Nurse and Midwife with over 30 yrs experience wants to ensure public safety, and due diligence to the industry .

Please help by signing the petition below , and ensure Mr Blogs dosent enter a treatment clinic for one thing and leave with much more.

Kind regards