To: The Irish Government

Let Democracy Speak

The people of Dublin Fingal went to the polls on the 8th of February 2020 to vote for their GE2020 candidate. Similar to the rest of the country the people made it clear that change was needed and people were no longer happy with a FF or FG led government. We the undersigned demand that the outgoing government of FF and FG put their differences aside and either;
a) Form a government based on the will of the people regardless of what party they belong to
b) Declare this election as void and go back to the polls for the people to decide on who they want to govern them.

Why is this important?

Democracy is the lynch pin of Irish society and by refusing to allow duly elected candidates to take their seats, the outgoing government is denying the people their vote.

Regardless of your politics or which party you support, the very right to vote for the candidate of our choosing is being taken away by the outgoing government and this is not acceptable.

Dublin, Ireland

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