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To: Minister Charlie Flanagan

Let David and Fortunate stay in Ireland

Revoke the deportation order

Why is this important?

David Nesengani came to Ireland with his wife Fortunate after receiving death threats in South Africa in 2016. Their family home was burned down for standing with other African nationals who were attacked in South Africa.

The International Protection Appeals Tribunal in the Department of Justice and Equality has previously granted refugee status to South Africans in David's situation as recently as last year. But there is lack of consistency in the decisions made by the tribunal as they seem to depend on which tribunal member you get since they all reach different conclusions when empirical evidence remains the same. All this undermines the principle of non-refoulement as the couple stands to be deported to a country that has been found by several members of the appeals tribunal to be unsafe for people who are in the same position as David and Fortunate.

Fortunate and her husband have spent years in Direct Provision before being served with a deportation order. That is cruel considering that David and Fortunate will not get the years lost in Direct Provision back. David is currently doing his second year of the BA - Applied Social Studies in Social Care at the Athlone Institute of Technology. The couple has been doing voluntary work in Athlone since their right to work is restricted. Let David and Fortunate stay!!!


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