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To: Dept of Communications and Dept of Enterprise

Allow Retro Drive-in Movies to Re-open

**Update: in line with Leo Varadkar's latest update, we won't be campaigning to the Government until after the "Stay at Home" directive has been lifted. We think it's much more important for people to stay at home during this time**

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Today, we are launching a campaign to ask the Government to allow Retro Drive-in Movies to continue to stay open to provide an escape for families who have virtually nothing to do during the Covid 19 Crisis in Ireland.

Retro Drive-in Movies have been operating for the past 4 years with screenings at Leopardstown, Fairyhouse, Cork, Killarney and Galway.

Drive-in Movies provide a safe environment for attendees who don't need to leave their vehicle for the duration.

The main safety measures introduced over the past few weeks include:

1. All Bookings made online - no cash contact

2. Tickets scanned through closed window

3. All staff maintain physical distancing

4. Vehicles limited to 100 per screening

5. No food or beverages on sale

6. Limited to 4 attendees per vehicle

6. Online verification measure put in place to minimise the risk of attendees from separate households attending.

We are today asking the Department of Communications and Department of Enterprise to explore the possibility of granting a unique and exclusive license to Retro Drive-in Movies to hold a limited number of Drive-in Screenings under an agreed and controlled environment at selected venues in Ireland in conjunction with local council departments. This will ensure a safe entertainment outlet for families.

Retro Drive-in Movies have a track record of providing these events over the past 4 years.

Similar measures have been put in place in The USA

Why is this important?

Retro Drive-in Movies has carried out extensive market research over the past 14 days and 95% of attendees considered Drive-in Movies to be a safe event in the current situation.

In the current climate, positive mental health is something to be encouraged particularly if the challenges persist over a number of months.

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