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To: Wicklow County Council

Keep Magheramore Beach open

Wicklow County Council must act to ensure that with the sale of 21 acres of land at Magheramore Beach that public access is protected.

Why is this important?

Magheramore Beach is one of the best beaches in Ireland and concerns have been expressed that continued access to the beach could be jeopardised as a 21-acre site that serves as the route to Magheramore Beach is to be auctioned in the coming weeks. It is critical that this site is sold with the knowledge that there is a public right of way to the beach through it.

Generations of people have enjoyed Magheramore Beach which is a beautiful cove just outside Wicklow Town. In 2006 a barrier was placed across the entrance to restrict vehicular access to the beach and attempts have been made previously to stop all public access. The path to the beach is a well-established right of way and any attempt to close or restrict public access to the fantastic beach will not be tolerated and will be bitterly opposed.

The sale of the 21 acres of land gives an ideal opportunity to Wicklow County Council to purchase the entire site as a public amenity, or a proportion of the land and develop a carpark to cater for the growing number of people that now use the beach. Currently people must park along the main road which has been the cause of some trouble as some people park irresponsibly. Providing a carpark would ensure people can park safely and enjoy the beach.

R750, Magheramore, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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