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Keep calendar football.

Keep calendar football.

We are asking the DDSL,NDSL,FAI,SFAI to leave the current schoolboy/girl football leagues as they are. Keep calendar football but make the changes to help it work rather than just scrap it a revert back to the outdated winter football.

Why is this important?

The summer football works. The current set up is not without its issues but with a bit of fine tuning, eg make the break shorter in summer, it will work no question. Give it a chance. With the current proposal to revert back to winter football without giving calendar football a chance it’s sending a strong message to the kids, if something is hard,quit!! regardless of who it affects.

Dublin, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • It is by far the most sensible way
  • Great for the kids.
  • There are not enough all weather pitches to accommodate winter soccer. It’s really difficult as a working parent to manage midweek games when they need to be made up due to weekend cancellations as it’s been raining AGAIN and the pitches are not playable. Kids will eventually need to choose a priority sport anyway commitment to more than one team sport isn’t always possible as they get older.


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