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To: Minister for Justice


Undocumented People
There are around 17,000 undocumented people in Ireland. 3,000 of these are children. Living undocumented is extremely difficult. Simple things like finding safe work, reporting a crime, and accessing healthcare are not always possible and often dangerous. Undocumented people live in constant fear and anxiety. Most undocumented people are living in Ireland many years, working to support themselves. All they want is the chance to live safely and securely in their home.
Campaign History
A community of undocumented people known collectively as ‘Justice for the Undocumented’ (JFU) have been campaigning for over 10 years for a solution on this issue. The solution is regularisation. A safe way for people to come forward and apply for a status here. Thanks to the hard work of JFU a historic commitment was secured in the programme for government to regularisation last June.
Pivotal Point
The Minister for Justice Helen McEntee and her officials are working at present on the details of this scheme. The priority now is to make sure that the scheme introduced is as broad and inclusive as possible. We need to make sure that people who need this are not left behind. That is why we need your help.

Why is this important?

Support to alleviate continuous sufferings of the Undocumented people


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