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To: Minister for Justice Helen McEntee

Justice for Natasha O'Brien

Appeal the overleniant suspended sentance given to Cathal Crotty

Why is this important?

Natasha O'Brien was beaten unconsciou by Cathal Crotty in an unprovoked attack. He only stopped when a male passer by intervened. He then fled the scene and boasted about the attack afterwards on snapchat saying "2 to put her down, 2 to knock her out". He has been given a fully suspended sentence. While the victim has lost her job and suffers ptsd from the attack.
Cathal Crotty is a serving soldier paid by the state and continues to be paid by the state while he used homophobic slurs and when asked to politely stop grabbed Natasha by the hair and punched her unconscious. This man should not be allowed to continue in his position in the army. His sentance needs to be appealled as being overleniant. What message is this sending to the women of Ireland? 

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