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To: Dublin City Council

It's Time Dublin City Council paid for Pride

Like the St Patricks day parade, Dublin Pride festival draws tens of thousands of people to the capital each year, creating revenue for countless businesses across the city. It is a focus point for the worlds media, and one of the biggest , and most colourful festivals to take place on the streets of the capital. Unlike the St. Patricks day parade, Pride has to rely heavily on corporate sponsors who, with each passing year, become more and more visible, overshadowing LGBTQ+ community groups with their branding. This has to stop. It is time Dublin City Council provided more substantial funding to the LGBTQ+ Pride parade.

Why is this important?

This is an important issue, because the Pride parade/march is still, as it has always been, a demonstration that aims to highlight the rights of marginalised people within the LGBTQ+ community. It is swiftly becoming enveloped in a wave of corporations pandering for business on the back of our community. Dublin City council should appreciate the value of our wonderfully diverse community, and the importance of the LGBTQ+ Pride parade to the city. As a symbol of a progressive modern Ireland, Dublin Pride is a magnet for LGBTQ+ tourism, as well as a great family day out for LGBTQ+ and Straight families alike. We would like to reduce corporate branding and sponsorship in the parade, and ask that Dublin City Council invest in this growing festival to give more control to the queer community. It is Our City, It is Our Pride. Its time we reduce corporate branding, and turn the spotlight back on the community that Pride represents.

How it will be delivered

Deliver in person, with a group of community activists.



2018-07-20 01:41:24 +0100

Thanks you all for getting on board with this! We have hit the 100 mark- please keep sharing this petition. We need to get a large cross section of the community to show that this is a real issue. So please do share and tweet as much as possible. The more people see and sign it the more seriously it will be taken.

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