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To: Minister for Health, Health Service Executive (HSE)

Irish State - Fund Air Ambulance

Irish State - Fund Air Ambulance

€400,000 is needed to keep the Air Ambulance flying. The Irish Government and the HSE owes it to the people in Rural Ireland to get this desperately needed service back working. The CoronaVirus has meant that the Air Ambulance cannot fundraise, which is the organization's only source of income. It is beggars belief that this essential service is constantly at risk, risking the lives of Hundreds or Thousands. Lets make this issue headline news from the Ground up. Share this petition far and wide!

Why is this important?

Our government needs to make a commitment of immediate financial support of €400,000 along with ongoing state support in whatever means that you deem appropriate and most beneficial to all involved, on behalf of my government to the Irish Community Rapid Response (ICRR) Air Ambulance in Rathcoole, Co. Cork as they now only have funding remaining for the next few days, or it risks grounding the helicopter and it’s vital lifesaving air ambulance across Ireland that has saved countless lives. These services reaches communities that ground ambulances cannot or cannot without great difficulties.


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