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To: Khangelani ndelu and his wife and 2 children

Ireland is the only home they know

Revoke the deportation order and give permission to remain

They have been here since 2016
There daughter was born 2017 and their son 2018

They have just received the letter stating they will get a deportation order after being Denied permission to remain

Why is this important?

Khangelani and his wife chane came to Ireland in 2016 along side his inlaws
Chane was 8 months pregnant they ran away from South due to racist attacks
Chane and khangelani are in an interacial marriage they experienced hate death threats they also ran away from culture practices that their daughter could face also their son
They have since had a daughter and a son since being in Ireland
There daughter is 3 and son is 2 they were both born in Ireland Ireland is the only home they know
They are mixed race children and can be sold in South Africa
They fear for there daughter who will be sold and made a sex slave
There son will go through rituals which will kill him

They proved this to department but was told no south Africans get refugee status
The department has since denied them their kids are born here this is the only home they know they know no south African language

The racist attacks on khangelani and chane are horrific one altercation ended with khangelani being stabbed
Mixed races couples in South Africa are frowned upon

The fear they have for their daughter south Africa currently has such a bad femecide problem A child is raped every 3 minutes according to statistics

Chane has severe depression And PTSD and has been worrying about what will happen to her children

Chane has done chairty work collecting for the women and children I'm ashbourne

Khangelani has done his leaving certificate and wants to further his studies

Please please minister consider the safety of the children

Cork, Ireland

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