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To: Eoghan Murphy Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government

Equality For Voters With Disabilities

Equality For Voters With Disabilities

Remove the unacceptable barriers which prevent people with disabilities from voting

Why is this important?

To be eligible to vote you must be 18 years-old and have been ordinarily resident in the year before the Register coming into force

People with a disability have the same right as any other eligible person to vote

There are 643,131 people in Ireland living with a disability, 13.4% of the population

People with disabilities face a range of unacceptable barriers which hinder them from voting in the upcoming local and EU elections on the 24th of May

Some of these concerns incude, a lack of disability awareness amoung returning officers which leads to people being challenged about capacity and voting supports, for example help from personal assistants

Despite a High Court case, there is a very complex voting system for people with visual impairments

In 2019, there is an unacceptably high number of inaccessible polling stations

People with disabilities rarely receive instruction or other supports to encourage their participation in voting

Given that many decisions that impact the lives of people with disabilities are part of governmental decision making, it makes sense that their voices should be heard

This campaign aims to promote the inclusion, access and participation of people with disabilities in the voting system by promoting their rights



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