To: Department of Education

Help our Gaelscoil in Ballincollig find a permanent home

Help our Gaelscoil in Ballincollig find a permanent home

To meet the needs of our children, and for future expansion to meet the needs of a growing population in Ballincollig, the parents and Board of Management are urging the Department to secure a permanent site without any further delay.

Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin was opened by the Department of Education & Skills in 2017 and has since outgrown its current site on the grounds of Ballincollig Rugby club in Tanner Park.

Our goal is to acquire a site that will support the development and growth of the children in our school, and we believe that more children in the area could greatly benefit from attending our wonderful school.

Why is this important?

Ballincollig multi-denominational Gaelscoil, Gaelscoil an Chaisleáin, seeks a permanent site to help meet the needs of our children and future students in Ballincollig. We are so proud of all that we have achieved as a school in a temporary site, however our children deserve a permanent site in the area that can see us put down roots to help us grow. With this growth, we can meet the needs of an ever expanding population and carry on our work on a larger and more sustainable scale.

We are a resourceful school, and we are mindful of the ongoing cost associated with being in a temporary location. The school currently rents its accommodation but a permanent building for our much needed school is a much better use of our taxpayers’ money.

The demand from young families in the area for multi-denominational gaelscoil places cannot be fully met due to the temporary and limited nature of the current location. The Board of Management is very grateful to Ballincollig Rugby club for its support in accommodating the growth of the school to this point.

We hope the people of Ballincollig will support is in our quest to acquire a permanent site! Please sign this petition and share it far and wide to help us.


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